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One of the largest settlements of the Mozambique and a pleasant destination nestled on the shores of the Mozambique Channel, Beira is among a few destinations of the Southwestern region of African continent that is renowned for many other things but wilderness. Drawing thousands of tourists taking flights to Beira every year, this enthralling city have been doing a superb job by projecting the zealous culture of Mozambique and offering a picturesque site of cityscape and natural bliss at the shores of the Indian Ocean. Despite its small size as compare to other Southeastern African destinations, Beira have been blessed with a number of attractions that have been a fantastic experience for travelers visiting here every now and then.

Take cheap Beira flights and get the pleasure of visiting such a versatile and distinguished destination of this part of Africa whilst exploring an extensive and glorious range of pleasant attractions including Beira Cathedral, Macuti Lighthouse, Beira Railway Station, Macuti Shipwrecks, Savannah Beach, Gorongosa, Grande Hotel Beira, Rio Maria, Mercado Central Market and many more sites that are the key reasons why people love to visit this fantastic and cute destination of Mozambique. Beira is the home of many nutritius dishes that have been descended from the culture and heritage of Mozambique and rich in flavors and herbs. So, if you are in Beira, do not miss to try some of the finest dishes like Piri Piri Chicken, pasta and sea food variation that has many awe-inspiring flavors to refresh your body and soul.

Take cheap Beira flights from SmartFares today and enjoy a tempting and refreshing getaway experience with the people you love whilst strolling on the boardwalks of the Indian Ocean and exploring a rich heritage and culture of Mozambique. So, if you have been thinking to visit a less-crowded destination in Africa for a while, then book your flights to Beira today and save huge with our wide variety of travel deals and offers available online.

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