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A small yet beautiful oasis city nestled on the serene banks of the Nile River, the enthralling conurbation of Aswan have been one of the most heavenly delight located in the middle of archaeological paradise. Located in the Southern Egypt and featuring wonderful green plains, Aswan have been giving voyagers a different taste of Egypt with refreshing landscapes and thriving culture. Despite its small size, the city have been successfully booming the infrastructure and becoming one of the major commercial hub of the nation. Hence, both business and leisure travelers have found many interesting attributes in this glorious city and tend to take flights to Aswan from around the world throughout the year to discover many unseen and unexplored attributes of this Southern Egyptian metropolis.

Take cheap Aswan flights and enjoy a soothing, refreshing and bewitching trip to the Egypt whilst visiting an abundant and unique variety of attractions in the surroundings of Nile River including Nile Museum, Sharia el Souk, Feryal Garden, Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Sohel Island, New Kalabsha, Mausoleum of Aga Khan, Kitchner's Island, Aswan Botanical Garden, Philae, Nubian Village, Philae Island, Jazirat al Malik, El-Tabia Mosque, Aswan Sculpture Park, Qubbet el-Hawa, Aswan Market, Monastery of St. Simeon, Animalia, High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, Elephantine Island, Nubian Museum, Temple of Philae and many more sites that have been projecting the thriving history and lifestyle of Aswan. Although, Aswan is renowned for its wilderness and natural richness, yet you can find ample of historical ruins like the rest of the Egypt and explore many untold stories about this fascinating city.

Take cheap Aswan flights and have a thriving trip to the Southern region of the Egypt whilst exploring a captivating variety of magnificent attractions and remarkable wilderness of this city that has been sitting on the shoulders of the Nile River. So, if you like to have some different experiences in the Egypt apart from mummies and pyramids, then you should start packing and book your flights to Aswan with SmartFares right now and avail some hefty discounts on your flight tickets.

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