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The largest seaport as well as second largest city of the nation, the thriving gateway to the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria is one of the finest and exquisite destinations in the African continent, ideal for a fabulous family escape of couple getaway in Egypt. With many legends related with the city including the inception by none other than Alexander the Great himself, Alexandria shares many fascinating aspects with voyagers visiting with flights to Alexandria from around the world and exploring the depth of the heritage of this enchanting city whilst soaking themselves in the fun at the Mediterranean shores. Being a large port city of the Africa with a transit point to the European shores, travelers tend to enjoy some exquisite shopping in Alexandria.

Take cheap Alexandria flights and have a tempting getaway whilst savoring on the enthralling heritage and fabulous lifestyle that shows the adorable contrast of Egyptian culture. With places like Cavafy Museum, Alexandria Opera House, El Qaed Ibrahim Mosque, Unknown Naval Soldier Memorial, Mamoura Beach, El Kobba El Samaweya, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Pompey's Pillar, Roman Amphitheatre, Corniche, Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, Montazah Palace Gardens, Deir Anba Bishoi, Aquarium Museum, Serapeion, St. Mina Monastery, El-Salamlek Palace, Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque, King Farouk Palace, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and many more sites, you can explore not only the historic scene of this Egyptian city, but also can have some time to get pleasure from the resort lifestyle and fabulous range of cultural attractions.

Take cheap Alexandria flights and enjoy a picturesque trip with the people you love to the beautiful shores of the Egypt whilst exploring an abundant variety of tales and historical events by going through ruins and heritage sites. So, if you have been thinking to escape on a resort vacation in the African shores, then all you need now is to book your flights to Alexandria with SmartFares today and being some smart savings with our value-for-money travel deals and have a budget trip.

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