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Zhengzhou is a city in China, located on the Yellow river, which is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage. Situated in the eastern China’s Henan province, it is a wonderful destination that has a wide range of places to see and spots to discover. It is one of the eight oldest Chinese city and a wonderful tourist spot that has a treasure of sights and places to explore.

Zhengzhou is a wonderful tourist city that can give you an amazing experience for all sorts of vacations. While planning a trip to Zhengzhou, do not forget to pay a visit to its major attractions that include the Song Mountain, Shaolin Temple, Temple of Huang Di’s birthplace, Henan Museum, Yellow River Scenic Area, North Song Dynasty Imperial Tombs, Shang City Ruin, Erqi Memorial Tower, Zhengzhou Dahecun Ruins, Fawang Temple, Songyue Pagoda, Pagoda Forest at Shaolin Temple, Gaocheng Astronomical Observatory, etc. A lot more can be seen and discovered while being here, plan an excursion soon by booking a cheap flight to Zhengzhou soon. Do not forget to carry your camera to capture the beautiful moments.

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