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Kabul is the capital city of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, located in its eastern part, which is known for its scenic beauty, rugged landscapes and its dry fruits. It is an ancient city with the influence of the 5th century AD civilization that could be seen in many of its museums, landmarks and historic sites. It is the largest city of the nation that boasts buzzy streets, lively markets and age old architectures.

There are many attractions that can be explored while being here including the National Museum of Afghanistan, Gardens of Babur, National Gallery, Bibi Mahru Hill, Hindu Kush, Valley of Paghman, Shahr-i-Zohak, Sultani Museum, Kabul Zoo, Qargha Reservoir, Ka Faroshi bird market, Pul-e Khishti Mosque, etc. A lot more can be explored by planning a trip soon.

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